The problems with the current status of the church  include but are not limited to;

3.Misplaced priorities.
4.Lack of clarity of purpose
5.Lack of sensitivity to current realities

We help the Church define her role in the market place.



  • 1. Aligning Word based thinking with Current realities
    2.Strategic thinking paradigm shift
    3.Current Reality Alignment
    4.Personal Development
    5.Understanding of the 7 Mountains of Influence
    Intentional Manifestation of Redemptive Rights


• BCWI intends to bridge the gap that exists in the church understanding and performance of its role which  has impeded the church from impacting the world systems.

• BCWI strategy for bridging the knowledge, service and business gap between the church and the world will  be delivered through four key methods using the CTTM Aproach- Coaching, Training, Teaching and Mentoring

• Our development approach begins with identifying development gaps in the body of christ and  proactively  meeting these  needs.

• To do this , we intend to engage church overseers and senior pastors  to understand their congregational needs, identify performance gaps in Church Administration  and decide on objectives to be achieved through our programs. This Approach will be achieved and delivered  through established dedicated trainers amd facilitators with hands-on experience in the use of modern training techniques for the edification and equiping of saints.

• It is our mission to see millions of  believers across the globe coached,mentored, taught and trained to  become mature believers that understand the Mandate of the  Church in this Last Days, Captains of Industry, Government Administrators and Societal Change Agents that will  impact society , the nation and the entire world.



The objective of this intervention is to  ;

– Effectuate a mind-set shift in the Body of Christ
– Reduce the level of  unemployment  in the church and society as a whole
– Develop societal leaders
– Increase effectiveness in the Body of Christ
– Facilitate Excellence in the Body of Christ
– Reposition the Body of Christ to impact the world systems


• Church Workforce
• Youth and Young Profesionals
• Pastors
• Enterprenuers
• Church Administration and;
• Support Services  Staff




The modules that will be covered include but is not limited to:

7 Mountains Theory

Societal Leadership


Soft Skills Development

Church Administration Excellence


Effective supportive minstry

Business Development.

Comming Soon
Comming Soon.


Conclusion 1

•It is time for the Body of Christ to be the source of not only Spiritual solution but also economic and natural solutions to the world.
•It is time for the Body of Christ to stand before Kings and not mean men.


Conclusion 2

It is time for the Body of Christ to reposition , go beyond the church walls and impact the world by being the Light that the world needs. It is time for our Light to so shine that men will see and glorify our Father who is in Heaven.

Conclusion 3

It is time for our relevance to be so impactful that we are aptly described as the Salt of the earth. It is time for us to go BEYOND THE CHURCH WALLS.